We, Nicole and Alexandra, have been university friends since 2011. When we traveled to India together for a semester abroad at the National Institute of Design (NID), we were fascinated by the diversity and culture of the country. On our travels through the country, we observed how natural materials are traditionally processed there and used in everyday life. The contrast to the equally prevalent plastic problem in the streets of the cities sharpened our focus on the search for solutions.

Inspired by the exciting properties and natural beauty of the areca palm leaves, we developed a sustainable packaging design. The result is Arekapak – a functional and aesthetic alternative to conventional packaging. The original study project finally became reality. But we didn't do it alone: we teamed up with local people. Our Indian-German team now combines knowledge and networks from two cultures to create unique products.

Our common vision is to develop solutions for more sustainable consumption that fit into our modern, global world and that offer added value to people and the environment throughout the value chain.